Opening safes

We can open safes of any complexity without damage or with minimal damage, leaving the possibility of further renovation to regain its capacity. We can make keys for the lock, even in a case of the loss of the last key.

Fortunately, in this situation, you can always contact our company: We provide accurate opening the safes and repair safes. Also we can cope with the opening of a safe type of locks.

Opening of safes – a time consuming task that requires extreme professionalism: it is necessary not only to provide access to objects inside the safe, but ensure that they are not damaged during the operation. In addition, it is important to open the safe so that damages (if they occur) were retrievable: you are not going to throw out a safe just because you lost the key.

All work is performed in the shortest possible time and with a high level of training. To repair and open the safe, we use the latest tools and technologies. Our specialists can come to you for urgent work in half an hour after the call. Of course, we need proof that we open exactly your safe.

Repair and re-coding safes

If, after opening the safe it is necessary to change the code to prevent unwanted opening of the safe by the certain circle of people who know the old code, or they have held the key, the foreman will generate shift cipher for the safe. Also is possible the replacement of locks, which, respectively, would also replace a set of keys. The amount of work, which foreman needs to perform to open the safe depends on the model of safe and is reflected in the costs of works on opening the safe.