Upholstery and insulation of doors

  • Door panel upholstery with skin substitute is a quick way to solve problems with your door outlook. Suffice is to make a cosmetic renovation, replace trim, lay-quality modern insulation and your door will fully regain the lost physical and aesthetic properties.
  • Front door – this is the “face” of your apartment, and not just an apartment, but of any room. And, as you know, first impression is based on what was seen first and further impression is based precisely on how it looks. So, first of all, your door must be neat and tidy and have a neat appearance.
  • Recently, more and more popular for work on the door gets foam insulation. It is practical and easy to work material. The most important factor is the warming of the entry door sealing and the doorway connection point. For a cold air it is enough with small slits between door leaf and to get in, and all your efforts . The location of roller must be calculated so that it tightly aligns to the lining of the door in the closed position.