Opening doors and locks of all types

When opening, the door does not suffer! We reveal the locks, but do not do vandalism! Great experience and good foreman makes our success.

  • Many models of locks, after opening the doors, remain in good condition.
  • We are opening (revealing) doors with locks, from the simplest to the most complex models.
  • Door opening is performed using special imported, high-quality tools.
  • After opening the door, the design of the door define diction in literature thesis statement of death penalty(entrance, steel or metal) and the appearance remain intact. “We reveal the (open) any metal steel door with any lock of any manufacturer (domestic and imported).
  • This also applies to garages, safes and other shut-off systems (if technically possible).
  • Keep in mind that there is no such doors and locks that cannot be opened, as the saying goes, “If someone had invented and produced, it means someone else can open”, but the installation of reliable doors and locks can significantly increase the time a criminal opening.

Thus, we do not just advise you, but recommend you to replace the locks, install more secret locks, hard to open, protected from unauthorized entry. The statistics of burglaries by opening doors and locks is just frightening and shocking. Our firm works round the clock. And always offer all options for protection. We perform all work: simply the replacement of the cylinder installation, conversion of the lock, and to the complex – installation of replacement locks, the mechanism of sorting out the door with welding machines and other tools.

If you need replacement of locks (lock), installation of locks (lock), opening of locks (lock), and installation of armory on all systems of locks, upholstery, and welding work – we are close. AND ALWAYS GLAD TO HELP YOU!

Restore Set Replace embed Protect the lock in the entrance steel or metal door. We will help round the clock at any time.

We are always glad to explain behind what kind of doors and locks do you live and give an advise on which locks better to replace and what models to choose.

If in trouble and lock out of order – we will open locks and always offer a replacement and installation of locks and, if necessary, modify your door for a new lock mechanism. Everything is solved/ negotiated directly with a foreman/ appraiser on site.

Repair and adjustment of doors and locks

Door renovation is desirable in all cases of sagging of doors. Due to long exploitation of the door because of the impact of friction and gravity door cell change geometrical proportions – in consequence of which locks are beginning to close with an effort. In these cases, locks do not require repairman; the door is one who does.  Repair of metal doors can be caused by two main reasons: malfunction of the door itself and the failure of locks.

In half of the times, repair of doors eliminates the problem of faulty locks. Adjusting the size of planting holes can restore the normal operation of the lock. Small repairs of the lock in some cases can extend the life of an old lock. Exterior of the door can be easily improved by lining the door.